I like drawing flower crowns~
I finally started some League of Legends ship art requests! Ezreal x Lux is the first one I finished.
hey there! I was just wondering what device and program do you use for your art? I've been looking into getting an art tablet of some sort when I get the money from a job I did over the summer and I just love your art. asked by infalls

Hello there! :D I use a Wacom Intuos 2 tablet. They don’t sell these in stores anymore, I think. Unless you find a seller online that sells them, I would maybe suggest looking at the Intuos Pen tablet, if money is an issue (and it looks super nice and clean!!). They have newer models for Intuos tablets, but they can be quite expensive;;; For Art programs, I mostly use SAI for my art. Thank you so much! :D Can’t wait to see some of your art~

Art request! :)